Post Reunion Survey

The purpose of this survey is to gather feedback from you on the events around our 40-year class reunion. Your input matters and will help us plan for our next gathering.

If you were unable to attend the reunion, please feel free to offer your comments and opinions. The data will be gathered for the next couple of months and the results will be reported back to you on the website.

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1)   I was able to attend the 40 year class reunion.

Yes No
2)   I enjoyed the venue/location of our reunion.

Yes No
3)   I thought the food at the reunion was:

  Just okay
  Not very good
  Not my first choice, would have preferred something different
  Not worth the cost
4)   The class website was helpful.

Yes No
5)   I will probably visit the website

  Very often
  Only occassionally
6)   Please give us your feedback on the website.

7)   I would like to have another reunion in:

  One Year
  5 years
  10 years
8)   I would like to help on the committee next time we have a reunion.

Yes No
9)   I would like to make the following suggestions on things to add to the next reunion event.

10)   My favorite part of the Olympus High Class of '71 Reunion was: